Web Design Basics


For this project, I attempted to make my very own Splash Page that shows my personality. In class, we learned some of the basics of HTML, CSS and Adobe Dreamweaver to get us started. We were exposed to plenty of tutorials to help us through the process. Before, I began designing on the computer, I made a paper mock up of what I wanted my Splash Page to look like. It made it easier for me to get my general idea down. I was then ready to go to Adobe Illustrator to make my computer mock up. The next step was the most frustrating and challenging thing I had to face in this class so far; it was creating my actual page by coding in Adobe Dreamweaver. It was a struggle and I ran out of time in the process, not being able to make my Adobe Illustrator mock up come to life. Coding takes time to perfect and it may just come easier to others. I enjoyed designing my Splash Page though!

Paper Mock Up

Illustrator Mock Up

 Splash Page

Splash Page Link

FYI (error with html location)

Sample HTML and CSS Code

What I Learned

I learned the basics of HTML, CSS and Adobe Dreamweaver in this project. I also, learned that it takes a lot of following tutorials to get your coding right. I had trouble with coding in general, in which a fellow classmate attempted to help me through it. For the next project, I will make sure I follow tutorials more so I can better self guide myself through a project. Being self-reliant is an important skill needed for this class and even beyond high school.

Here is one of the tutorials I followed to learn and get a greater understanding of how to create boxes with HTML divisions (also called “div” tags): http://capitalcomtech.info/2008/11/07/explore-html-and-css-relationship-day-3/


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